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The Two Women-Owned Businesses Partner to bring Long Drive Tour to the Global Stage.

NEW JERSEY; FEBRUARY 20, 2021 – Gilly Group today announced that it has been named global agency of record for marketing and strategic communications by IGANZ, responsible for supporting the launch of the newly established Xtreme Drivers League (XDL) and Global XDL Tour Championship as well as the operations of the Long Drive events that will take place in the United States.

“Gilly Group was the obvious choice for IGANZ to work with given their upstanding work and strong connections within the Golf industry” said Olna Ford, Owner of the New Zealand Long Blacks, CEO & President of New Zealand Long Drive and CEO & President of Xtreme Drivers League, “Partnering with a fellow female entrepreneur was an added bonus. Alyson brings almost 25 years of golf industry knowledge to this project, in which we have established Long Drive as a stand-alone sport while still celebrating the sports roots in the golf space.”

The virtual tour was announced last month in partnership with golf simulator company, OptiShot Golf. Due to the ongoing travel and safety issues caused by the pandemic, the first season of the Xtreme Drivers Tour will be held virtually, with over 23 countries entering competing athletes OptiShot Golf BallFlight product will be used in the 2022 Virtual Long Drive season that will culminate in the Global Tour Championship event in Dubai at the conclusion of the season.

“It’s always exciting to have your fingerprints on the groundwork for a new brand or event and IGANZ and the Global Tour have such incredible opportunity ahead” said Alyson Ramsey Johnson, Gilly Group CEO and President. “We look forward to partnering with IGANZ to bring these new properties to life for golf and Long Drive fans around the globe.”

For more information on XDL and the announcement of the XDL TOUR, please follow @xtremedriversleague on Instagram and the website at Xtreme Drivers League (XDL) is a subsidiary of IGANZ (International Golf Associates New Zealand).

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