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Case Study: Experiential Marketing on Nantucket

We love talking to people about everything from our jobs to the kids, our favorite brands to what happened on last week's Scandal. Which is how we met Luke.

Alyson posted a pic on FaceBook during a trip to Nantucket and was recommended to stop by a friend of a friend's store - TownPool (we just LOVE the power of social media!). Luke, one of the masterminds and founders of the store, is a marketing nut himself, and he and Alyson spent well over an hour talking about marketing and branding and the best places to check out on the island.

Naturally, they started following one another's businesses on Instagram and shortly thereafter, TownPool reached out through IG (natch!) to hire Gilly for assistance with sponsorship, activation and branding.

We quickly became true brand ambassadors for TownPool and partnered to bring retail brands into the summer pop-up store, as well as create sponsorship opportunities for brands and companies and events for the local community and vacation goers. Together, this rapidly became a success and grew into two stores on Nantucket, with over 30 participating brands, multiple sponsors and a full pre-planned event schedule.

We launch the stores over Memorial Day weekend - so check us on if you are on the island, and check back here for a recap at the season's end!

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