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The first Corporate program that I ran at the Masters Tournament was marred by an agency promising me things that they ended up not being able to deliver - as someone who has worked in the golf industry my entire career, I quickly recognized that the contract that I was given was not possible and worked with my industry contracts to salvage my program .... so though my guests never knew about the many "hiccups" (tickets, no chef, wrong house .... you get the picture), it was a lesson to me that in order to have a really great program without the stress meant that I was better off doing it myself. So now, over ten years later, I'm here to help guide you...

January 22, 2018

NEW YORK, NY (January 22, 2018) – Konnectgolf, “Konnect”, the new social, indoor golf club, has recently opened its doors to a private membership with access to playing over 200 of the world’s premier golf clubs with the highest quality technology, professional instruction and golf equipment.

Co-Owners Ralph Kartzman and Lee Hetfield, both admitted “golf addicts” and private club members, developed the Club’s concept after becoming frustrated by the lack of high-quality golf experiences in the city. With a goal of creating a private club environment while offering quality golf and a professional setting for networking and client events, Konnect launched...

September 26, 2016

The Nantucket Project wrapped up this weekend and with it, the TownPool sites are starting to slow down for the season after a very successful summer on the island. 

With over 30 brands participating and multiple sponsors who were able to activate and bring their brands to life in an authentic way, WheelsUp was one of our favorite partner efforts. Read more about their experience here:


Next stops for these experiential marketing spaces: Boston, New Canaan, and more .... stay tuned! 

Check out the website at TownPool.com for the latest news and...

August 20, 2016

We love talking to people about everything from our jobs to the kids, our favorite brands to what happened on last week's Scandal. Which is how we met Luke. 

Alyson posted a pic on FaceBook during a trip to Nantucket and was recommended to stop by a friend of a friend's store - TownPool (we just LOVE the power of social media!). Luke, one of the masterminds and founders of the store, is a marketing nut himself, and he and Alyson spent well over an hour talking about marketing and branding and the best places to check out on the island. 

Naturally, they started following one another's businesses on Instagram and shortly thereafter, TownPool reached out th...

May 6, 2016

We often have meetings during events and this week @wellsfargogolf we had the opportunity to take some time to walk around and check out sponsor activation and branding efforts (always fun to do!). 


One of the coolest things I saw while on the course was a "Safe-Tee Kids"


" program that was set up in the Information Tent as people walked in. Patrons were able to sign their kids in to the program and were provided a wristband that alerted tournament volunteers and staff that the child was registered with the entrance and therefore, their parent's contact info was also registered. Kids were told to look for volunteers wearing a specific color golf shirt,...

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